Kelly Leonard

Board Member

Profile Image of Kelly Leonard

Kelly is an experienced tourism marketing professional managing the development and performance of marketing and business strategies in leadership roles. Her strengths include strategic marketing development, elevating operational efficiencies, facilitating strong business partnerships and effective problem-solving.

As the Marketing Manager for Australia’s Golden Outback, Kelly is fortunate to be involved in a diverse range of projects across the region in both Marketing and Destination Development. Aside from developing and executing the Destination Marketing Strategy, she is also supporting the implementation of a new Agritourism Strategy in the Wheatbelt and a Station Stay Collective initiative in the Gascoyne Murchison region.

Kelly has travelled extensively throughout regional Australia personally as well as undertaken considerable work travel and has learned the importance of environmental sustainability and cultural recognition along the way. Kelly has a strong passion and interest in wildlife, the natural environment, dark sky tourism and loves supporting the lesser known and travelled regions.

Her personal values and professional experience align with FACET’s vision of inspiring and promoting the responsible community use of WA’s cultural and natural heritage through tourism and, as a new Board member, Kelly is looking forward to contributing FACET’s activities and key objectives.