About FACET​

We advocate for the experience, understanding, appreciation, promotion and protection of our cultural and natural heritage.

We value and support local, regional, grassroots. We’re proud of our Western Australian identity.

Founded in Western Australia in 1991 our purpose built organisation is one of a kind in all of Australia.

We are relationship builders and invite the conversation to share new ideas and show new ways and we nurture a global network in the burgeoning field of heritage, culture, and the natural environment. 

We’re informal and professional and value quality, best practice and good service. We host academics from leading universities across the world and link up with sister organisations in Canada, the USA, Korea, Japan, UK and across the European Union.

We keep abreast of current trends and maintain relevance to the industry.

We have a solid powerful core with members from the tourism sector, academe, government agencies, local government, cultural, ecological and scientific institutions and the general public.

We value and support local, regional, grassroots. We’re proud of our Western Australian identity.

Nature Tourism of the Margaret River Region


  • To inspire and promote the responsible community use of Western Australia’s cultural and natural heritage through tourism.​

Cultural Tourism

Cultural tourism connects visitors to the culture of our State. This includes the ancient cultures, European settler culture, and existing modern multicultural diversity that forms our unique West Australia. These cultural influences enrich our State  and combine to make up who we are.

Museums are one touch-point to understand the culture of an area or of a region. However, it’s our tour guides and the tour operators who tell their unique stories and explain their culture and its significance. They each contribute in their own unique ways. FACET recognise and celebrate the valuable role individuals play in bringing tourism offerings of Western Australia to life.

Aboriginal Guided Fishing Tour WA
Aboriginal Guided Fishing Tour
Cape Leeuwin Lighthouse WA
Cape Leeuwin Lighthouse by Tim Campbell courtesy of Margaret River Busselton Tourism Association

Heritage Tourism

Heritage tourism focuses on our built environment and the artefacts, art, statues, sculptures and other created materials. These represent the varying periods of our history and are an important expression of the culture of Western Australia.

Individuals offer us their interpretation of those pieces of heritage and this creates rich tourism experiences. Guides interpret our unique cultural and heritage tourism for visitors to our State. These visitors get a deeper understanding of who we are and what makes this State so rich. We value the connection to those personal stories, connection to the visitor who bring with them their own valuable sense of self and  place.

Nature Based Tourism

Connection to nature is an invitation to connect to your inner nature. Natural tourism is about being immersed in nature. You can let go of all the man made aspects of life and get back into your true nature. We are interested in the guides and businesses that encourage people to explore their natural environment.

Nature tourism is also about appreciating the rich biodiversity that Western Australia has to offer. We have more biodiversity hot spots than anywhere else in the world. We are keen to share those places with visitors to Western Australia. 

Boranup Forest Margaret River
Boranup Forest Margaret River by Photo Elements courtesy of Margaret River Busselton Tourism Association

FACET Objectives

  • To promote within the community, sustainable and careful management of WA’s cultural and ecological resources for tourism;
  • Provide opportunities for the community and key tourism stakeholders to share, learn and celebrate industry best practice within the cultural, heritage and nature-based
  • Encourage the tourism community to deliver an authentic cultural and nature-based tourism experience and foster an understanding and appreciation through interpretation;
  • Advocate and influence government, industry and the public to achieve professional, well managed, ethical conduct in tourism;


Ryan Mossny
Two Feet & a Heartbeat

Chris Pye
Hospitality Inns Pty Ltd

Vice Chairperson
Dr Steve Crawford
Department of Biodiversity, Conservation and Attractions

Executive Officer
Tracy Shea

William Barry 
City of Joondalup

Michael Collins
CF Global

Mark Delane
Margaret River Busselton Tourism Association

Wendy Dowling AM
Ideology Pty Ltd

Kym Francesconi
Tourism WA

Kate Gibson
The Hike Collective

Sally Hollis
Murdoch University

Dr Michael Hughes
Murdoch University

Jenny Nichol
NBD Marketing

Peta McAuliffe
Natural Tourism

Sharon O’Reilly
City of Swan

Dr Amanda Smith
Department of Biodiversity, Conservation and Attractions

Cath Sutherland
Conscious Business

Harriet Wyatt
Department of Planning, Lands and Heritage