William Barry

Board Member

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William is the Economic Development Officer at the City of Cockburn and State Committee Member of Economic Development Australia (WA). In his current role he assists individual operators to enhance their operations, their premises and increase their business acumen. I advocate state and federal assistance programs to local enterprises to boost commercial investment and viability.

Drawing on his previous career in the Tourism and Hospitality industry, managing/owning medium-sized operations in the UK, Ireland and Australia, William offers a sound knowledge of business and industry. He’s been active in the economic development field in Perth since 2004 and is able to draw on well-established industry, local government and state government networks.

William has a strong awareness of the current dynamic and unpredictable commercial environment and is an enthusiastic supporter of new industries – digital, clean tech and start-ups.

He also has a keen understanding of community, to drive activation programs including street markets, street art and infrastructure planning. He was instrumental in establishing the EDA Remote & Rural Training Programme which provides on-the-ground advice and assistance to small towns across Australia. He was a member of four assignments that were delivered to Muckinbudin, Wagin, Brookton and Shark Bay.

William holds an MBA from the University of Western Australia; a Diploma in Hotel Management, Shannon Hotel School, Ireland; and is an Accredited Certified Practitioner of Economic Development – ACEcD.

William is the father of four children, mostly grown up. He loves marketing, art and design and keeps a close interest in new industries (digital, clean tech and start-ups), particularly since his eldest has dived into the start-up world and lives and breathes the life.