Lisa Hindmarsh 

Board Member

Profile Image of Lisa Hindmarsh

Lisa joined the FACET Executive Committee (Board) at the AGM on 26 October 2022. She is an advocate for sustainable tourism development and thrives when generating new ideas. Lisa has a strong passion for wildlife, environmental conservation and travelling to destinations off the beaten track. She first attended a FACET event in 2013 and felt that the organisation provides a fantastic opportunity for tourism professionals to gain inspiration, network and learn from industry experts.

Lisa’s most recent achievement was a Masters Degree in International Sustainable Tourism with Monash University – 2022. Prior to furthering her studies, she spent four years traveling the world, living and working on privately owned superyachts. Her views and values have been shaped by her travels and the people she met across 23 different countries throughout many remote destinations. Lisa believes that responsible tourism is a great tool to achieve the United Nations 17 Sustainable Development Goals. She believes that the future of the tourism industry encompasses the environments we live in, in a respectful and holistic way.

Born and raised in Perth, Western Australia, Lisa completed a Bachelor of Tourism Management at Edith Cowan University – 2015 and went on to achieve a Graduate Certificate of International Relations at the University of Western Australia – 2017. Over the years she has continued to be involved in many industry events, conferences and inspires a passion for travel and respect for the environment amongst friends. Her extensive knowledge of tourism and ever-changing trends will bring value to FACET and assist in evolving the organisation.